About Us

About Us

We are Kate and Ralf, a multi-cultural couple made up of a German-born hubby and American-born wife, who both speak German for different reasons.

Ralf came to the U.S. as a teenager; Kate always loved the language, especially after living in Germany for two years. After making the U.S. his home, Ralf was only missing a few things from his former life, like his parents and sister, and Wunder Puffs.

While in Germany during the summer of 2015, Ralf decided to call up the company that made the best Puffs in the country. A one-hour meeting with the owner turned into three hours and a friendship. How wunderbar is that?

It took just one bite to get Kate on board.

We are in the process of building the brand (and cult following that the Wunder Puffs and Wunder Wafers undoubtedly will have). Our goal is to make both right here in the U.S.

With your support we will get there. So eat on, and enjoy the wunderliciousness.

Kate & Ralf