Wunder Puffs

Wunder Puffs

Is it a meringue? Is it a marshmallow on speed? Is it a dessert, or a snack…?

Just like the Wunder Wafers, we think it is all of those – and more. Ralf (and the rest of Germany, and big parts of Europe) has been eating these sweet clouds since he was a little kid.

Ever since moving to the U.S., he has missed them, and dearly. So much so that he would make himself sick eating them when visiting his parents. So after a few decades of complaining, his mother and bride told him to finally do something about this. So he did. He made a phone call to the owner of his favorite brand, and they connected.

These puffs are like a miracle in your mouth. And wouldn’t you know it, the German word for miracle is Wunder. Bingo! Wunder Puffs were born.

We are in the process of figuring out how to get them here unscathed, since there are no preservatives of any kind, they dry out on a long boat ride, and they pop open on the plane. We think we may have found a way, so keep your fingers crossed!

Wunder Puffs come in dark chocolate, classic style.  As with the Wunder Wafers, the plan is to make them right here at home. We’ll keep you posted.

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